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Love and Relationships

2 AM. Drunk. Called up your ex?

Accept it or not. We all have done it.

We’re drunk enough to be “out of senses” but yet, we know we are totally in our senses! So we pick up our phone – the number has been deleted long back, but our fingers, yes our fingers – they remember the number. Well if not, there’s this WhatsApp group from a year ago which will still show their number in members list, right?

The numbers are keyed in. We take a pause (dramatically: a sigh). What am I doing? I can remember what all things they did to me. It’s wrong. It’s wrong. This won’t end well.

We hit the dial button.

So what if it gets weird? We are drunk enough. If it goes wrong, we were too drunk. Out of our senses. Good enough excuse. Hah!

And if it all goes well – Well, what exactly then? Patch up, chit chat, be friends? No, Not really. But the dial tone is already on.

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When We Met

"He was breathing her. She was consuming him."

There he stood, staring intently into the windows of her soul. Her breath quickened; her heart was throbbing so hard she could barely think straight!

He had waited for years for this moment; she had dreamed of it for ages. And now that it had arrived, so surreptitiously, with such suddenness, she was choking under the weight of all those unfulfilled desires, overwhelmed by the temerity of his presence.

The first time he knew that he knew her, he had mused, "The night must be dark just to watch her shine in her most effulgent form!" And she glowed brighter than the sun for him. And he had basked in her radiance till he melted away.

She had become aware of how brightly her soul burned his. She feared he was the Icarus to her Sun. So close was he that his wings had started melting. She had pulled away despite the tumult in her soul, the ache in her heart and flesh.

Now that they met again, he was drawn to her like a moth to the flame. He was breathing her. She was consuming him. And the world collapsed around them, letting love be. Everything was perfect, the river had found the sea.

About the author

Kingshuk Mitra

"Nonconformist. Known to be slightly eccentric.

Uses all kind of sarcasm practiced and appreciated.

Pursuing MBA from IIM Bangalore. 

Quasi Engineer from IIT KGP"

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